What you can learn in this lab
1) Lab members can learn about the characters of cultivars, fundamental field management, and breeding technique in evergreen fruit trees such as citrus spp. and deciduous fruit trees such as pear, kiwi fruit, Japanese apricot, and apple.
2) Lab members can learn about the fundamental techniques of molecular biology, tissue culture, genetic transformation, and purification and identification of natural products and instruments used for these works
3) Lab members can experience both field and lab works
4) Undergraduate or graduate students are encouraged to go through inernship in research instisutes or companies and advised on job-hunting or posdoc position..

What the students are expected to do
1) Enjoy working hard to achieve one's objectives
2) It's principle to think and act by yourself
3) It's important to think of your future job.
4) Haste not, rest not.

Graduate students are welcome to join us!
@Saga university has the Graduate School of Agriculture for master course and the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (Head office: Kagoshima University) for Ph.D course.
@Please contact Dr. Kotoda if you are interested in our lab and want to work with us as a undergraduate or graduate student. When you want to see our lab or citrus genetic resources, please contact me in advance.
@Students in other universities than Saga univ. are also welcome!

E-mail: koto[@]cc.saga-u.ac.jp@( Convert [@] into @)
Tel: 0952-28-8744